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Competum: hands-on approach at the crossroads of Business, law and technology.

Competum and its' lawyer Pasi Valtonen is experienced professional of business and intellectual property law. Name competum comes from a latin word meaning a place where several ways meet, a cross - way, cross - road or an altar raised at cross-roads. Honouring this, Competum provides services at the crossroads of Business, Law and Technology. Competum hands-on services understanding business needs of the client are based on long in-house experience from the leading international IT-firms.

Competum is located in Helsinki capital area.

Pasi Valtonen, Counsel and Consultant

Your Counsel and Consultant Pasi Valtonen worked in in-house legal and Intellectual Property management positions in international high-tech corporations Oracle, Fujitsu and Tieto between 1996 - 2012:

Valtonen has been a speaker in number of Finnish and international IT law & Intellectual Property Conferences:

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You may contact Pasi at or by phone +358 400 609 205